Our Global Group

Global Gadgets, the first venture of Global group was
established by Gurvinder Singh and his brother Gurjeet
Singh twenty years ago.

From a humble start in Rajinder Nagar in New Delhi,
today this company, Global Gadgets, has a swanky
showroom in Khan Market, a prestigious shopping
venue in the capital.

Along the way, the company diversified to Sixth Element
for promoting nutrient rich and pure wellness foods and
GRS Aviation supplying spares for small aircraft and
assorted services.

Managing three diversified businesses is more of a
passion for Gurvinder Singh. When asked how he
manages the three diversified businesses, Gurvinder
says, “This is more of a passion for me and I truly
believe in what I am dealing with. My brother Gurjeet
and my team of experts, consultants and dedicated staff,
make this possible.”

Global Premium Lifestyle

“Global Premium Lifestyle” a name that pops into our customers mind whenever they want to shop for premium lifestyle products. We have been in this industry for more than twenty one years, but the zest is still the same. We provide our customers with 360 degree tech support, regardless of the time.

Global Premium Healthfoods

Our bodies are made up of five elements. Our Sixth Element is wellness, fitness, vitality, immunity and energy. SIXTH ELEMENT is an expression of your liveliness, cheerfulness, happiness and well-being. It expresses your eternal youth, overflowing vigour, unlimited vitality for which you need the right diet to remain ultra-fit with high resistance to disease. SIXTH ELEMENT takes care of the five elements gifted to us by existence.

GRD Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

With corporate office in New Delhi, GRD Aviation Pvt. Ltd. offers access to its extensive network of manufacturers, distributors, authorized dealers and reputed traders of aircraft & Helicopters’ spare parts, Avionics Instruments, Rotables, Airframes, accessories etc. in addition to all range of Chemicals & Lubricants all over the world at the most-competitive prices without compromising on the quality of the products and with OEM support.